Auckland's exemplary aged care facility 

About our team of care givers
Because we have our own hospital, the staff at Regency Home & Hospital includes medical professionals and qualified care-givers to ensure the comfort and health of our residents. Our aged care facility in Auckland provides excellent care, arts and crafts and social programs, including outings, all while cultivating a home-like environment.  

Caring, professional staff

Along with being highly trained and qualified, Regency Home & Hospital's staff is incredibly dedicated to the well-being of our residents. We share a vision of aged care that allows our residents to maintain their comfort, and their enjoyment of life. With this commitment to providing loving support, Regency Home & Hospital's staff has helped create a wonderful community here in Auckland.

Below you'll find a useful document you can download and print out which outlines the staff we have and their special areas of expertise. 



Over the years, Regency Home & Hospital has been able to use its experience to develop new programs and facilities to help create and maintain a home-like environment for all our residents. We allow you to live in peace, independently or with all the support you need, with the refinement that comes with years of expertise. 

The highest of standards

Regency Home & Hospital in Auckland strives to exceed industry standards in every way imaginable. The bare minimum is not sufficient for our guests. We provide expert aged care and state-of-the-art facilities that make us a leader in providing a relaxing, caring, supportive environment for older people.
Aged care facility in Auckland
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